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Os PIIGS vão ser os mais afectados pelo "oil peak"

Extraído de: The Oil 'Peak' Has Been Reached

PIIGS are the most affected

One of the groups in the OECD that will suffer most with the contraction of available oil is the one formed by those countries most dependent on oil in their energy mix, according to Luís de Sousa. "A detail must be noted - those countries in greatest difficulties will be precisely those called the PIIGS. These countries each have an oil dependence in their total energy mix of over 45%, including Greece with 58%, Portugal and Ireland with 55%, Spain with 48% and Italy with 46%. This is in contrast to the European Union average of 37%. If we add the four countries with oil dependency above the European average, but below 45%, we get a complete map of the zone where the 'undulating plateau' will have the greatest impact. Besides the PIIGS, this includes Austria (44%), Holland (42%), Belgium (41%) and Denmark (39%)."

The weakest sector for the five most vulnerable countries of the euro-zone (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain) is the transport sector, particularly when road-based. "This dependency can derive from geographic location, inappropriate urban and national planning or both" says Luís de Sousa. He recommends increasing maritime and railway modes of transportation; it is not sufficient to modernize the electrical infrastructure or to encourage other sources of energy.

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Ou seja, em 2011 a TEMPESTADE vai começar. Por isso segurem-se bem!

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